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    • Foto Pelon
    • David Stirling Jr. | 714 Points


      Nickname: Pelon

      Status: Professional


      Handicap: 10 (AR) | 10 (GB) | 10 (US) |

      Birthdate: 1981-01-04


      Residence: Uruguay

      Married: Yes (Maria Jose)


    • 2017 | Argentine Open, Tortugas Open, San Jorge Open, Sotogrande Gold Cup SemiFinal, Sotogrande Silver Cup, Polo Challenge Gold Cup, Polo Challenge Silver Cup
    • 2016 | Argentine Open, Hurlingham Open Final, Tortugas Open, Sotogrande Gold Cup SemiFinal, Sotogrande Silver Cup, Polo Challenge Gold Cup
    • 2015 | Argentine Open, Hurlingham Open, Tortugas Open, Prince of Wales Trophy Final, US Open SemiFinal
    • 2014 | Argentine Triple Crown, Argentine Open, Hurlingham Open, Tortugas Open, Jockey Club Open
    • 2013 | Argentine Triple Crown, Argentine Open, Hurlingham Open, Tortugas Open, Pacific Coast Open Final, British Open Semifinal, Queens Cup Final, US Open Final, USPA Piaget Gold Cup
    • 2012 | Argentine Open Final, Hurlingham Open, Warwickshire Cup, British Open Final, USPA Gold Cup, CV Whitney Cup Final
    • 2011 | Argentine Open, Ellerstina Gold Cup, Hurlingham Open, Tortugas Open Final, Jockey Club Open, Prince of Wales Trophy, Argentine Republic Cup Finalist
    • 2010 | Argentine Open Final, Hurlingham Open Final
    • 2009 | Jockey Club Open, Sotogrande Silver Cup Finalist
    • 2008 | Gold Cup Sotogrande finalist, Gold Cup for the British Open, Jockey Club Open
    • 2007 | Copa Provincia de Buenos Aires (Arg, finalist), Gold Cup Ellerstina (finalist), Diamong Cup (Arg), Gold Cup for the British Open (finalist, UK), Queen´s Cup (UK), US Open, USPA Gold Cup
      • Grand Slam
      • US Open1
      • British Open-
      • Sotogrande Gold Cup-
      • Masters
      • Argentine Open6
      • Hurlingham Open5
      • Tortugas Open5
      • WPT Cup
      • CV Whitney Cup-
      • Pacific Coast Open-
      • Warwickshire Cup1
      • Jockey Club Open4
      • Gold Cup (Ellerstina)1
      • Dubai Gold Cup-
      • Province Cup-
      • Municipalidad del Pilar-
      • East Coast Open-
      • WPT Championship Cup
      • Queens Cup1
      • USPA Gold Cup3
      • Camara de Diputados Cup-
      • Sotogrande Silver Cup2
      • WPT Challenge Cup
      • Mercedes Benz Challenge Cup-
      • Prince of Wales Trophy1
      • Deauville Gold Cup-
      • Gstaad Polo Gold Cup-
      • Swiss Polo Open-
      • Argentine Republic Cup-
      • French Open Tournament-
      • St Moritz World Cup on Snow-
      • Scapa Sports Polo Trophy-
      • Royal Windsor Cup-
      • Deauville Silver Cup-
      • International Polo Cup St Tropez-
      • Ylvisaker Cup-
      • Memorial Domecq Cup-
      • The Queen Mother Centenary Cup-
      • Portugal Open-
      • Duke of Wellington-
      • America Cup-
      • Costa Smeralda Polo Gold Cup-
      • Scapa Polo Trophy-
      • Russian Polo Cup-
      • Beijing Open-
      • Joe Barry Memorial-
      • Dubai Silver Cup-
      • Brazil Gold Cup-
      • USPA National 20 Goals-
      • Sojo Cup-
      • President Cup-
      • HH President of UAE Cup-
      • Thai Open-
      • Archie David-
      • Holden White-
      • Harrison Cup-
      • Indian Empire Shield-
      • Metropolitan Polo Tournament - High Goal-
      • El Remanso Polo Cup-
      • Argentine Open Under 21 -
      • Diamond Cup-
      • Julio Novillo Astrada Cup-
      • Open de Paris-
      • Sotogrande Silver Cup Medium hcp-
      • Polo Challenge Tour-
      • Duke of Sutherland-
      • Cote DAzur Cup-
      • Sotogrande Gold Cup Medium Goal-
      • Polo Challenge Silver Cup1
      • Polo Challenge Gold Cup1
      • Challenge Cup-
      • Open du Soleil-
      • San Jorge Open1
      • Snow Tournaments
      • Cortina D'Ampezzo Polo Gold Cup-
      • St Moritz World Cup on Snow-
      • 2nd S Club Arena World Cup on Snow-
      • World Snow Polo Championship Aspen-

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