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  • 2002 - New standards have been introduced to measure the performance of international level polo players. This system shows the level of excellence of the sport.

    The World Polo Tour is the international ranking of Polo Players. Each player is being ranked according to their performance, during the course of the year, in the main tournaments around the world.

    The system came up as the result of the urge, by players and club managers, to create a circuit that reflects the best Polo in the World.

    There are four levels of tournaments; Challenger, Cup, Masters and Grand Slam, plus the Master Series which is only for professional polo players.

    In order to determine the category of each tournament, several aspects are taken into consideration: The handicap of the tournament, the place, the organization, the amount of teams entered and the level of players participating and the amount of spectators attending the last editions.

    The lists of tournaments are being reviewed every year in order to reflect the reality of the International Circuit.

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